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Complete Wedding Services

Wedding Service :- In recent times wedding ceremonies are not just an occasion but a glamorous celebration with grand budget and fascinating venues. As each wedding ceremony has a deep spiritual and philosophical meaning and purpose. Thus we make certain that everything goes as per your desire, hence we keep on inventing new avenues for all our clients for a unique experience which you cherish throughout your life. So, keeping in mind the above scenario we will offer services which are truly affordable and well worth it.

Customized Consultation :- As your wedding planner we'll offer customized wedding consultation services with personal attention and heed so that we can cater to your individual requirements, taste and budget. And we extend ideas within 24 hours from your query.

Wedding Theme :- Flaunt this illustrious event with a perfect theme, which includes various accessories, color scheme, beautiful drapes accompanied by many more garnishing for the decoration. Giving a unique approach to your wedding a specific color scheme shall enhance the wedding celebrations.

Wedding Functions:- To ensure your wedding is the most memorable day in your life, we will hold your hand while picking the place, writing the invitations, adorning your dream day with flowers, garnishing your chosen menu and taking care of your guests. Besides the planning of the wedding function we can also help prepare for the pre and post wedding events including Sagan, Sangeet, Mehndi, Bachelors / Bachelorette party, the Gala Reception.

Venues & Locations :- Organizing a wedding does not end with finding a perfect groom and a beautiful wedding dress. One also needs to decide a perfect venue for wedding. The location of the venue arrangement will set the feeling and the tone for your event. The one thing you definitely do not desire is to regret the selection of the venue.

Vendor Management :- Assessing a wedding includes assigning multiple vendors for variant jobs. You will have to deal with more than one vendor at a time to modify different jobs. From booking and confirming wedding venues, to instructing and managing wedding decorators, as well as other vendors like florists, caterers, photographers, and so on, there will be numerous wedding vendors demanding your time and attention at once and with so many wedding vendors out there, choosing the right one is no easy task.

Decoration :- Flowers form a vital part of any wedding. Floral decoration determined by your choice, budget and the reliable florist. Natural flowers, silk flowers or dried one these are some preferences given to our clients. Decoration that includes is Mandap, Backdrop, Floral rangoli, Dessert table, Ladies room, Bride's House, Groom's House, and Welcome Gates etc.

Scrumptious Cuisines :- You name it and we'll provide it! Serving you the best of flavors of your choice such as- Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Continental, and this will spoil your guests with its aroma. From cocktails to mocktails we'll arrange all your meals depending on your budget.

Entertainment Wedding are a source to glamour and yes lots of entertainment. When it comes to leave a lasting impression of your big day, the wedding entertainment you choose makes all the difference. Entertainment should be selected according to the Event and we suggest you variety of such sources, from DJ to Live Band, from Ghazal and Sufi singers to International Orchestras. We provide DJ, Live Music, Bollywood and Punjabi Singers/ Quawalli Singers, Gazal Singers, Bollywood Dancers, Dance Troop, Rajasthani Dancers, Bhangra – Giddha Dancers, Celebrity Artists Management Shehnai Players & many more.

Video and Photography Make your wedding moments perpetual with wonderful moments through still or moving photography. We will provide you with personalized photography by making decorative albums, with different layouts. Also providing the video where you can replay all your actions over a period of time, to show your friends and family.

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