Celebrate your anniversary with an amazing wedding venue in Dublin

A wedding venue that will delight you in the centre of the city is a must for your event.

If you are planning a wedding, then you should choose a venue that can cater for both the guests and staff.

You should have a budget of around €500,000 for the event and €1 million for the venue.

You can also consider using a more traditional venue.

A hotel is one of the most expensive places to stay, but it can be a great option for those looking for a budget.

There are also some fantastic wedding venues around Dublin.

Whether you want to have a private wedding, have guests come to your wedding, or even host a reception for the entire family, then a wedding venue is an excellent choice.

Some venues have a beautiful garden and a swimming pool, while others offer a tranquil location to relax in and have a wonderful wedding.

The cost of a wedding has gone up since the recession.

For a budget wedding, you can find great wedding venues in Dublin.

Here are some of our favourite wedding venues for couples looking for an affordable wedding venue.1.

O’Connell Street Wedding Venue This is a great place for couples wanting a budget-friendly wedding.

It has beautiful gardens and an outdoor seating area.

You will be able to choose between the main hall and a small reception area, with the latter having a swimming and sauna area.

The wedding venue will also have a large bar and outdoor seating areas.2.

Aventurine Wedding Venues There are two Aventuria wedding venues that can accommodate up to 25 guests.

The venue at O’Leary’s Hotel and the venue at The Cottages in O’Flynn Street.

The Aventuran Wedding Venuion has a gorgeous outdoor garden with outdoor seating.

There is also a great view of the harbour from the venue as well as the main street.

The restaurant is also located on the ground floor of the venue, while the reception area has been upgraded to a full-service restaurant.3.

Laois Wedding Veniours There are several weddings that can be held at the Laois venue.

The location of the Lais venue is a beautiful indoor venue that is surrounded by a landscaped garden and is the perfect venue for your reception.

The Lais wedding venue has a large outdoor seating room, and the reception will be on the second floor of The Cottage in Laois.4.

The Cluny Wedding Veniuence This venue has been renovated to provide a modern wedding venue with views over the city and countryside.

The room has been remodelled to accommodate 20 guests.5.

The Cabbagetown Wedding Venioveryone will enjoy a relaxing, romantic and private wedding.

This venue is perfect for couples who want to create a lasting legacy and are looking for the most affordable and intimate wedding venue for their wedding.6.

The Green Wedding Venuoveryone can be located at The Green in Ouseley, Co Cork.

The two-story venue has an outdoor dining room, an outdoor reception area and a spa.

The garden has a variety of trees and flowers for the ceremony.

There will be an outdoor fire pit for guests to cook in.

The green venue is open 7 days a week.7.

The Grafton Wedding VenuuanceThis is a very intimate venue that has a spacious outdoor area, a sauna, a pool and a sapphire sauna.

The sauna is open from 5pm until 10pm and the outdoor reception will take place from 6pm until midnight.

There’s also a garden area for guests and an area for the reception and guests to relax and unwind in.8.

The Rathfarnham Wedding Venuaveryone is located at Rathfernham in Dublin City.

This event centre is located in a large courtyard surrounded by the Rathfarthrian River.

The event space is open seven days a year.9.

The Ballybrit wedding venue located at Ballymun in Dublin is one wedding venue you should definitely consider.

The intimate venue has its own private pool and saunas and is a perfect venue to have your guests and the whole family come for the day.10.

The Wrigley wedding venue can be found in the Rathmines area of the Dublin City area.

This wedding venue features a large patio that has the same view as the outdoor seating rooms.

It is open all year round.