Which wedding sites are best?

By Brian C. Collins”The first thing we look for when we look at a wedding site is the quality of the planning and decor.

If the bride is comfortable with the site, the site is probably a good choice,” says Mark Boulton, president and CEO of the National Wedding Association.

Boulton is the author of several books on planning, including Wedding by Design: The Secrets to Your Perfect Wedding and Wedding Style: A Modern Bride’s Guide.

Boultons book was recently selected for the 2017 Wedding Site Reviewers Choice Awards.

Bouquette says the wedding site that’s right for her and her guests can be as much a part of her wedding as the big day itself.

“I like to be able to feel the music, I like to see my guests interact with the flowers, I really like the lighting, and I like the detail,” she says.

“So if I’m going to be in the same venue as the bride and groom, I’d rather have a wedding that feels like my wedding, rather than a wedding for some fancy wedding photographer.”

Bouqette also has a different take on her own wedding.

She says she likes to keep things simple.

“My goal is to be as intimate as possible.

I like my time with my guests, and it’s more about me and my guests than it is about the ceremony,” she explains.”

There’s a little bit of a different style of style.

You’re in a small space and you have a few candles, and you’ve got a small table, and there’s a few people around.

So it’s really just about you and your guests.”

As for what makes a good wedding venue?

“I think it really depends on the people,” Bouqette says.

“It’s really a choice of whether you’re having an intimate ceremony or a big reception, or whether you want to have a reception and then move onto something more formal.

I think the bigger the reception, the more intimate you’re going to have.

I’m just looking for a venue that’s accessible to everyone.”

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