Why is there no wedding for the Duchess of Cambridge?

A wedding for Queen Elizabeth II is not a planned event, but instead a spontaneous, non-confrontational celebration in the city centre, where thousands of people are expected to turn out for the event, the Royal Palace said.

The wedding has been on the cards since 2014, when the then Queen Elizabeth visited her new hometown in Norfolk.

It is hoped that the Queen will be able to visit her newly acquired homeland, the palace said.

“The Queen is the Queen and is an exceptional person and we are confident she will be welcomed warmly by the Norfolk community and that is something that we hope to see,” the palace told the BBC.

“This is something we have been planning for a long time.”

The Queen has said she would like to go on a honeymoon.

Queen Elizabeth II has visited Norfolk since 2016, when she visited the city on her first visit to England.

She was greeted by a huge crowd, with hundreds of thousands of onlookers lining the streets to watch the royal couple as they arrived for their first official ceremony.

The Royal Family are expected on Sunday to attend a reception to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.

There have been no official plans to hold a formal ceremony since 2014.

On the occasion of the Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, the royal family will hold a dinner in London on Saturday to celebrate with guests and members of the public.

A royal wedding has not been seen in Norfolk since the 1940s, when Prince Charles and Camilla had their wedding in the town of St James’ Park.

The Duchess of Sussex, Princess Beatrice and Prince Harry were the first British royals to visit Norfolk.

The wedding was held in the centre of the city, with the couple travelling by bus, and the reception was held at a church.

As the couple left the venue, hundreds of people gathered outside the venue.

Organisers have not yet announced when the wedding will be held.