Clinton campaign slams Trump over ‘sexist’ tweet

Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Friday slammed President Donald Trump’s tweet that was critical of actress Alyssa Milano.

The Democratic nominee tweeted on Thursday that Milano’s appearance in the new film “Pompeii” was “disgusting,” but then Trump attacked the actress and called her “sexist.”

Trump also retweeted a video from CNN that said Milano was “dancing around like a porn star,” but the tweet was removed after it was criticized.

The Clinton campaign on Saturday said the tweet had been “inappropriate and inappropriate” and that it had called on the president to apologize.

“President Trump’s sexist tweet was unacceptable and offensive,” said Brian Fallon, the Clinton campaign’s communications director.

“We hope the president takes it as an opportunity to apologize.”

The campaign’s tweet was not immediately returned by a Clinton spokesperson.

Clinton’s campaign also criticized Trump for his comments about actress Milano, whom he called “one of the most beautiful actresses to ever grace the big screen.”

Trump has since apologized for the tweet and said he was referring to the “disrespectful and hurtful” way Milano appeared in the film.