You can use Google for wedding venue search

In case you missed it, the wedding site is now offering a wedding venue tool. has been providing this service for over a year, but its only now being rolled out to the public. 

The company has been experimenting with various data sources and is looking to add more partners. 

So what is it? is a platform where you can find the closest wedding venue for your wedding, or the best ones in a given city. 

This is similar to Google Maps and its similar to Airbnb. 

In this case, you can add a wedding destination, which will be linked to the venue. 

To do so, you’ll need to go to a venue’s website and click the “Find Your Event” link. 

Then, if you’re looking for a venue near you, you’re given a list of nearby hotels, restaurants, and other places to go. 

Walden says the company has a lot of data to go through. 

“Our data sources include: the Google Maps API, Bing, and Yahoo Maps API. 

These are used by all of the other apps we are developing for,” he says. 

There are also a number of other data sources that we’re not able to share at the moment, like Yelp and Twitter. 

If you have more questions, you should check out the official FAQ and the full blog post. 

It should be interesting to see how other sites will respond to this. 

You can also use to search for wedding venues from all over the world, but the API only works on Windows and Linux. 

However, if they’re not compatible, you could use Bing and Yahoo’s APIs. 

Here’s the official guide for how to get started with Wedding.

 You may also want to check out, a company that offers a wedding booking platform. 

Once you’ve found the best venue for you, Walden says they’ll send you a survey to find out what you like about your wedding venue.

For now, the website only allows you to add wedding venues to your contacts list, so that will be your primary option for booking. 

Another option is to create a Google Voice call for the booking, but Walden is quick to point out that the company’s API is not currently available. 

He says that the platform will work with Google Voice and that it will also work with the service, but it will be a bit more difficult. 

I’m not sure I would want to go there, but for a small wedding, this is a nice way to try out Wedding for yourself. 

For more wedding venue information, check out this post from,, and