What you need to know about the big weddings on New Year’s Eve

The countdown to the New Year begins today with a couple of big weddings in Melbourne.

But how do you know if you’ll find a perfect wedding venue for your special day?

Here are a few tips to get you started.1.

Find the right wedding venue, and know your location A wedding venue is an important piece of the wedding puzzle, so be sure to get a location that suits you and your style.

For example, a venue with outdoor seating can be a great choice for an outdoor ceremony.

The same goes for a venue where the wedding guests will be gathered, and which can also be open during the day.

Find out more about where to find your venue, here.2.

Choose a venue that is accessible for people with disabilitiesThe best venues for an intimate wedding include a range of seating arrangements.

This means the venue must have a large number of accessible seating areas, with the ability to move to a different area during the event.

If your wedding is a corporate or social function, for example, you’ll need to decide whether you can move to different areas during the ceremony.3.

Decide on your guests and how they will dressYou can choose from a range and style of wedding dress.

You can also select from a variety of accessories to make your wedding special.

Choose from floral arrangements, formal or informal, or a range from an array of different fabrics and designs.

If you want to add a touch of style to your event, consider a custom wedding dress, which can be made to suit the occasion.4.

Choose the right flowers to suit your styleThere are a range for every occasion, but the best way to make sure your flowers are the right fit is to try them out.

Make sure to ask your venue about the type of flowers you need, so that they can recommend one that will suit your ceremony.5.

Get the best seatsYou can ask your wedding venue to arrange the seating for you, but it’s important to make a decision about the seating you can afford.

Ask for a range in your preferred seating, and decide which of your guests can sit on your lap.6.

Set the mood for your eventYou can’t wait until the moment you’re about to ring the bell to ring it, so make sure you’re prepared for the moment.

A range of traditional or modern décor and decorations, such as the big traditional rose, are the perfect places to create the right mood for the occasion, with plenty of variety to choose from.7.

Choose an elegant wedding venueIf you can, arrange for a private reception with your guests at the venue.

Or you can use a private event space for an open reception.

There are plenty of options, from large open spaces to smaller rooms for couples and small groups.8.

Choose your venue and guestsWhen choosing your venue or guests, make sure to select a venue which has a large area for couples or small groups to sit and enjoy the reception.9.

Look for the best location for an indoor ceremonyThe most popular indoor ceremony venues are usually in the main auditorium, so plan ahead to ensure that you have a space for the wedding ceremony to take place.10.

Choose appropriate accessoriesYou can dress up your wedding to match your occasion and decorate the venue with a range.

Try a range with the choice of a flower, candle, or other special touch, such a a silk scarf or a sparkle.11.

Choose seating arrangements to suit youYou can find out more at the time of booking, but check with your venue for the seating arrangement they offer.12.

Choose food and drink optionsFor your guests, the best places to find delicious and tasty food and drinks are in the reception area.

These include traditional food and beverage stands and local restaurants.13.

Set your timeThe first couple of hours before the ceremony can be very important, so set your wedding date and time accordingly.

Check the venue calendar to find out when the venue is open for weddings.14.

Choose flowers and decorationsTo make your venue look its best, look for the right arrangement of flowers and the right colour to match the colour scheme.

Look for the colour of the flowers that are closest to your guests’ eyes.

Take a look at our guide to wedding colour schemes.15.

Plan the wedding dateThe date of your wedding can be set during the reception and the day of the ceremony, so it’s very important to get it right.

Set the time and place to celebrate the special occasion.

It’s also a good idea to choose a date and date-time that you can organise yourself.16.

Dress your guestsFor your wedding, you can arrange for your guests to wear a range or accessory that matches your wedding attire.

This can be tailored to suit different occasions and types of guests.17.

Prepare your cake, cake decoration and cake,