‘We will have a big celebration’: Wedding venues to celebrate ‘celebration’ of gay wedding

A wedding venue in New York has confirmed they will host a huge celebration on Saturday, August 29 for the LGBT community celebrating the wedding of a gay couple.

The venue has decided to hold a celebration in front of the same street where the wedding took place, and said the reception will be held at 8pm on Saturday. 

“We will celebrate the wedding, the event and the people who have made this possible,” said Brian O’Connor, general manager of The Grove Bar and Grille in Queens. 

In the United States, same-sex couples can wed at any state or federal courthouse in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York and Delaware.

“The ceremony will take place at The Grove and will be hosted by the groom and the bride,” said Mr O’Brien.

“The ceremony itself will take less than 10 minutes and the ceremony will be followed by a cocktail reception and dancing.” 

The venue said it will host the reception from 9.30am-12pm on Friday, August 28.

“We welcome everyone to the celebration, we are happy for everyone who is invited to join us,” said The Grove.

“We want to celebrate the life of the gay couple and for people to know that we are a diverse and inclusive venue.” 

“This will be the first of many celebrations, and we will have events planned to celebrate this celebration of love, acceptance and love at large,” said the groom, Brian Stoll, in a statement on Sunday.

“For the gay community, we hope to have more celebrations in the years to come, and this is one of the first steps to do that.”