‘Garden of Eden’: The secret life of one of Canada’s most celebrated families

Two-thirds of the family of Canada ‘s most celebrated Canadian families lives in a tiny cottage in northern Ontario.

They are, in fact, the Garden of Eden.

It’s a quaint cottage, but it has become a shrine to a family that has carved out an unusual existence in a country where only a handful of people can afford a cottage.

The cottage was built by the Gardeners, who have a long history of making and decorating unique living spaces.

The name comes from the Gardener’s garden, and it’s not the only one.

The family, with a total of nine children and five grandchildren, is one of the most famous families in Canada.

They have built homes in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and now the family in Canada’s largest city, has been known to live there for more than a century.

A large portion of the Garden family lives in the village of St. George, which was first settled in 1636.

The Gardeners and their neighbours live in the family’s cottage, and their most famous son, John Gardener, lives in that house.

He has been the owner of the cottage since the early 1930s.

He was the father of five children, all of whom have been married and have one grandchild.

“My family has been here for generations, and we’ve been in this place since the time of the settlers,” John Gardeners grandson, John Gardersons eldest son, says in an interview.

“The fact that we’ve had the honour of owning a piece of land here for the Garden has been very special to me, because I think it’s a really special piece of history.”

John Gardeners son, Mark Garderson, has the title of the “father of the Garders” in his family, but his father has had no role in the development of the home.

John Garders on his father’s cottage at St. Andrew’s Church in St. John’s, Newfoundland, on Jan. 3, 2021.

John Gardener has built up the family to be the most powerful in Canada, said Peter Garders, a professor at the University of Toronto.

But when he died in 2015, the family fell on hard times.

They were in a dire financial situation, and they had a house they couldn’t sell.

John Garder said that was part of their story.

“We’ve always had a lot of difficulty,” John Gardesons son said.

“They’ve been very successful.

They’ve been quite wealthy.

They were quite wealthy and they lived well.”

The family has kept up the cottage on their own, and John Gardering said they were a family of few if any friends.

“I don’t think it has ever been difficult to keep a cottage going, but the house has been really special to them,” he said.

John said he was grateful for the cottage, which he said has been his life for the past 50 years.

“It’s like the Garden in my mind,” he says.

“If I ever get out of the house, I want to be outside.”

But the cottage’s legacy lives on in the history books.

It is the largest surviving building in Canada from the first settlement of Newfoundland, and the Garden families own a portion of it.

“To me, it is a little bit of a shrine, but we’ll never forget the home,” John said.

But John’s son Mark said his father never gave up.

“He’s always been a person that has never given up, and he still lives to this day, still works here and he’s very proud of the place and the heritage of St George,” Mark Gardeson said.

St. George’s village is known as the ‘family farm,’ because the family is the descendants of the original settlers.

“You go into the garden, you see it from the inside and you feel like you’re home,” Mark said.

“It’s such a special place.”

It’s the story of how a group of people came together and built a place of their own.

“This place has given us a lot,” Mark added.

“And we’re just so proud of it.”