How to avoid wedding scams

How to spot wedding scams.

In a bid to prevent more people from going through the hassle of registering a wedding venue, we’ve put together a guide to help you spot wedding venue scams. 


What is a wedding website?

What a wedding site is basically a website that people can sign up to.

It has an offer to help them buy a wedding, a link to a guide about how to do it, a list of vendors and the like.

The website is usually pretty straightforward and often does not require anyone to be on the same computer as you to sign up, though the site may ask to register the name of a friend who is a potential buyer. 


How does it work?

A wedding venue will usually ask you to provide some information about yourself and your plans to marry.

The website may also offer to send you a photo and a contact form to fill out. 


Who is involved?

Depending on the wedding venue and the type of contract you are signing, there may be one or more people involved.

For example, you may be asked to pay for the bride and groom’s wedding or, if you are renting a property, to pay the property tax. 


How much does it cost?

The website will usually tell you how much it will cost to book a wedding or provide the venue’s list of wedding vendors.

The venue may also ask you how many people will be attending the ceremony. 


Can I cancel the wedding?

There is no limit on how long a venue may hold a wedding.

The date and time for a wedding can be changed on the website.

However, if there is a dispute, the venue will normally offer to refund the booking fee or refund the costs associated with renting the property. 


How long will I have to pay?

If you are going to book the wedding, you should pay the bride’s and grooms bride and bride’s groom’s full wedding costs, including the cost of food and drinks.

If you are paying to rent a property and the venue does not have a property tax receipt, it may ask you for the full amount of the property taxes. 


What if I do not want to pay upfront?

If your wedding venue is not asking you upfront, it is not a wedding and you may not have to make any payment.

You can cancel the event or cancel the contract without incurring any extra costs. 


Can it cancel my wedding?

You can cancel a wedding if there are any issues or if you feel the ceremony is not going to be successful.

However you may need to get the venue to refund any expenses incurred by renting the wedding or cancelling the contract. 


Do I need to book my wedding before it is due?

Yes, you must book your wedding within a specified time, even if you do not have your own place to rent.

You may need the venue or your friends to book your date of wedding.

You should also get permission from your landlord or someone else who will be there during the ceremony, or make sure the ceremony takes place in a venue that does not interfere with the neighbours’ privacy. 


Can the venue cancel my contract without any liability?

If the venue can’t cancel your wedding, it can’t change the contract at all.

If the venue is asking you to pay more upfront, then it is unlikely that it will cancel your contract.