‘Couple’s ‘Rugged’ Wedding Gets Banned in Utah

A Utah couple has been denied entry to a wedding venue in Utah because they were “too conservative,” the wedding site wedding site reported on Monday.

According to The American Conservatives, the couple, who live in Boise, Idaho, were invited to the Utah County Fairgrounds, but they were told they were too conservative because of their religious beliefs.

“The bride was told she could not have a second ceremony if she chose to have a same-sex ceremony.

So, we said, ‘Fine, we’ll cancel that,'” the wedding venue wrote.

The couple said they were later told they could not attend the same-day ceremony because of the religious reasons.

“They were very rude and insensitive, and we felt it was really unfair,” the bride told The American Constitution.

“They were told that they should either be there or leave,” the husband said.

The wedding venue has been criticized for its decision to bar a gay couple’s wedding in Idaho, which is a constitutional right in the state.