Which Wedding Venues in India Are Worth More Than Others?

In an age of digital media and mobile technology, many weddings are going online, but few of them offer an intimate and personal experience.

We asked three experts to weigh in on the worth of wedding venues in India.1.

The Grand Hotel, Chittaranjan, Kerala2.

Kolkata Bazaar, Kolkatta3.

Caiyan, Meghalaya1.

Grand HotelChittarannanjan: This famous hotel has been hosting weddings since its inception in the late 1980s.

Its mainstay is its signature menu, a mix of traditional cuisine, traditional sweets and traditional drinks.

Its a place that you can come in the evening for a meal.

You can have a delicious traditional dinner with your guests, or a glass of traditional liquor for a more traditional evening.

It is located on the outskirts of Chittananda, a bustling metropolis of Kolkatas capital, Kannur.

The restaurant has been serving traditional dishes for more than 25 years.

It has a modern décor and modern touches, but it has been around for over a century.

The decor is also quite modern, featuring modern art and modern furniture.

Its also got a beautiful rooftop pool, and a private terrace for a romantic night.

You will be treated to a magnificent view of the city.

Its easy to walk around the venue and get a good view of it from all around.

There is also a restaurant inside the hotel, serving a wide range of dishes.

You could have a meal at the restaurant for under ₹100 per head.

The food is all very well, and the menu is full of dishes that are unique to the venue.

Its the perfect place to host your wedding.2.

CuiyanMeghalayas: This is the biggest hotel in the entire country, hosting over 2,000 weddings per year.

Its one of the largest wedding venues, with around 30,000 seats.

You would expect that this hotel is one of India’s most expensive, but this is not the case.

Its more of a “standard hotel”, with a few rooms that are more than double that price.

The hotel has a large outdoor pool, an indoor one for weddings, a rooftop terrace, a private dining room for couples and a beautiful view.

Its only a few minutes from Chittnangur, and its one of only two places in the world where you can walk from one end of the hotel to the other, to the pool, without going through the reception area.

The place is very clean and tidy, with a huge outdoor garden with lush, fragrant flowers.

Its open from 11am to 6pm every day, and is a great place to have a relaxing day.

Its really a perfect place for couples, to relax, and enjoy a night out.3.

KalkalaniMeghala: This has been a staple of weddings in Meghalsud, Kerala for more then a decade.

Its known for its romantic atmosphere and lavish atmosphere.

Its just minutes from Thiruvananthapuram, and can be reached by car from anywhere.

This hotel has its own rooftop terraces and is the perfect spot to have your special evening, as well as a restaurant with some of Kerala’s best traditional dishes.

Its been serving a range of traditional dishes, with the traditional desserts such as yarachas (sour curries) and curries with sugar.

The menu is a mixture of traditional desserts and traditional foods.

Its perfect for a couples wedding, as its a very intimate place.

The rooms have both private and public areas, which is a nice touch.

The only problem is that you will have to get a reservation for the restaurant and private rooms, so it is a bit of a gamble.

It’s a perfect spot for couples who want to spend their wedding night on the rooftop terracing.4.

Meghala1: This was one of my favorite weddings, because of the atmosphere.

We would be staying in this hotel for many years, and would always get the same experience every time.

We were going to go to the same wedding venue as many times, and every time, it would be different.

We have stayed at the same hotel, and this was the first time, we were all very happy to be able to share the same room.

The atmosphere was great, and you would feel like you were in a different room from the one you were staying in.

The guests are always happy and relaxed, and it is not unusual for couples to come to the hotel for their weddings.

Its always a great experience.2: It is one big family.

The owners of this hotel are all siblings, so you get the family vibe.

This is an amazing hotel, it is the largest in Kerala.

Its not just a restaurant, but a place to meet the whole family.

You get a great view of Chhattisgarh