How to be a real-life feminist on the wedding day

The day you’re going to get married is the day you can have a real, actual conversation about what’s in your heart.

So if you want to make a statement or tell someone about a certain thing, it’s going to be more about what you’re passionate about than what’s trendy.

It’s going be about who you are, and it’s not going to come down to what people think of you.

And you’re not going be expected to be comfortable with being seen with your best friend.

If you want someone to know you, be your own person, be comfortable and be yourself.

It could also be about a particular event or relationship.

There are so many things you can say, and there’s so many ways you can talk about them, that if you can put them in the right order, you can get the most out of your day.

Here are some of the ways you’re able to do that.


Be Yourself.

The best way to talk about your feelings is to express them.

If your partner says, “I love you,” say it, even if it’s in a sarcastic way, or even in a very positive way.

Don’t say, “That’s nice,” or “That makes me feel good.”

Instead, use your words to express your feelings, to share a feeling, to be yourself, even though you might feel like you have to do it a little differently.

Just do it. Don