Which cities are hosting weddings this year?

On Saturday, May 5, wedding venues across the U.S. will be offering their wedding ceremonies for free.

On the same day, people will also be able to download wedding photos, and have their pictures taken for free with an iPhone.

The sites that will offer freebies include Wedding.com, Couples.com and Tux.com.

WeddingSite, which is run by the National Association of Wedding Venues, says the freebies are designed to encourage couples to attend their wedding.

“We’ve been working with wedding venues for the past six months to ensure that their businesses are serving customers, whether they are looking for a new venue or just want to check on their current one,” the company said in a statement.

The sites also offer a selection of wedding gifts and events, like a free wedding dress or a free gift card for a wedding photographer.

It is a sign of how the wedding industry is evolving in the past year, with more venues offering wedding packages, wedding-related gifts and wedding-themed merchandise.

The freebies will start on Saturday, June 2, and will run through July 6.

They will be available to anyone with an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

They are also free to use for personal use.

“We’re excited to offer our members a variety of wedding options and services that can help them connect with and celebrate their special day,” said David M. Pascucci, president and chief executive officer of National Association.

“The opportunities are limitless and we’re thrilled to be able offer them to our members.

We look forward to providing more information on these new wedding offerings as we get closer to the holidays.”

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