Couple’s wedding venue booked for a month after wedding

A couple’s wedding website booked for more than a month despite the fact that their wedding venue has been out of business for more that a year.

The couple who set up a wedding venue in the early 2000s and now run it for clients across North America have been forced to temporarily shut down their business due to a shortage of space.

The venue, The Bamboo Wedding, was built in 2013 in San Diego and has been in business for just under a year, with about 30 people using it as a place to host their wedding ceremonies.

In a statement on its website, The Wooden Palace said it is experiencing an increase in demand from clients due to the influx of guests from overseas.

“Due to a sudden increase in the number of guests, we have been unable to find a suitable location for our venue to accommodate all of our guests,” the statement said.

“We have also been unable and unwilling to lease the space as we have no other space available to us in our area.

We have had to temporarily relocate our venue due to this shortage.”

The couple have been able to rent out space for weddings in other locations around the world, but are struggling to find space in San Francisco, where they live, and have had no luck in the city.

“The demand for the venue is incredible and we cannot find space for our guests to perform their ceremony in.

We are extremely grateful for the support of our local and international friends who have donated their space for us,” the site said.

A number of other businesses have also suffered from an oversupply of space on the internet and are struggling.

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