The Bible: Marriage is not a matter of choice

The Bible says that marriage is not about whether you have children or not, but is about love.

It says it is a matter for the husband and wife, not a choice for each of them.

It is a declaration of love.

And it is love which, when it comes to marriage, is the foundation of all things.

So what is love?

It is a state of mind, a state in which one person is completely at ease, in which the other is completely distressed.

And it is this feeling that is the most important factor in determining a marriage.

The word love comes from the Latin word lucere, meaning ‘to feel’.

And the word meaning ‘love’ comes from luci, meaning a good deal.

So luceres is a good bargain.

So, when we hear the word love in a marriage, what do we think?

Well, what we think is, “Well, this is a great deal.

This is great love, and this is really good”.

But when we are in a situation where we know that we have this great deal in common, and where we are not even sure how to describe the feelings of one another, we often say to ourselves, “Oh, it is just a good marriage”.

And then, when the husband sees his wife being in a bad way, he will feel guilty and angry.

But when he feels guilty and annoyed, he is not really feeling love, he’s just angry.

And the husband can say to himself, “I am a very good husband, and I will make her happy”.

But if he thinks that, he has a great mistake on his hands.

Because love is a feeling, it can be an emotion.

And emotions can be strong.

And if a man feels angry, then his wife is probably unhappy too.

The Bible tells us that the woman has the right to be in a loving relationship.

And the Bible tells women not to be too much attached to the man.

And God said, “You shall love your husband as yourself.

But I do not want you to love your wife as yourself”.

If you have a problem with this, and you feel angry or guilty when you see your wife be in the wrong, then you should ask yourself, “Am I doing this because of love or because of a need to get rid of the other person?”

And the answer is: the need to be rid of your wife.

And if you feel that way, then, if you are a husband, you have to say, “Let me take care of this problem for you”.

If the man feels guilty, he can say, to himself: “I need to do this for my wife, because she is a bad person.”

And the wife can say: “No, it’s not my fault, she is not like that”.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what marriage is about.

If a woman is upset or upset, then she should not feel guilty, because that is not her doing.

She should say to herself, “My fault is that I was angry and I hurt her”.

And then, you know, the problem will go away.

If she feels guilty about her anger, then her anger will not go away, because then she is angry.

The husband has to say to his wife, “This is what it is all about, is my love for you, for the other.

This love is the basis of everything, and if I am not doing that, this marriage is going to fail”.

And so, if the husband feels guilty or angry, he should say,, to his spouse, “It is all my fault.

I should have taken care of it for you.

I have failed you.”

And then you know that if the wife is unhappy with her husband, she will say to him, “That’s the way it is, it was all my doing.”

So, if a wife feels guilty for being upset or irritated, she should say that to her husband.

And then she will get rid to what she was doing.

But if she feels that she is guilty for what she is doing, then the husband should say back to her, “Now you are angry, now you are upset, now it’s your fault.

You were just upset”.

If she is in a good place, she feels a little bit better, and she is feeling good about herself, she can say she is going for a nice walk, and a nice meal.

But if she is upset about something, then there is a danger of her going crazy, and then the marriage will fail.

So the husband has got to say in his wife’s mind, “No.

I am going to try to do things that are going to help my wife.

I need to try things that will make my wife happy, not because of my feelings for her.

I want to help her to get a good feeling, because I think she is being too