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More than 50 countries have signed onto a convention to establish an international convention on “weddings in hotels” in an effort to reduce the number of hotel deaths and injuries in Europe.

The Convention on Warts and Allergies will be held in Amsterdam from October 29 to November 3, and will aim to “address the major issues” of the hotel industry, said the European Commission in a statement.

“The convention aims to ensure that the protection of the health and safety of guests and staff is fully implemented, as well as to strengthen and protect the safety of hotels and other venues,” the commission added.

The convention will be based on the WHO guidelines for preventing and treating hospital-acquired infections, and includes some countries not part of the convention, such as the United States, Russia, Brazil and Turkey.

The WHO guidelines include the following recommendations for hotel staff and their guests:The hotel industry in Europe has been struggling for years with a rise in the number and severity of hotel-related illnesses, particularly with the coronavirus pandemic that hit the continent in 2015.

In many countries, hotels are the only places where people can stay during the pandemic.

But the industry is in a constant state of upheaval.

The pandemic forced hotel owners to shut down in many European countries and forced more and more people to seek treatment in the community, which means more people will be at risk of infection.

The European Commission said it would ensure that hotel staff were well-equipped to deal with the pandemics new complications, and ensure that they were well aware of the risks.

“All the staff will have to be trained to take measures to ensure they are not at risk,” the Commission said.

The hotel lobby in Brussels, the city that hosts the convention.

“We have seen in recent months a dramatic increase in cases in the last few weeks.

We have seen cases in hospitals, which is concerning because these are very critical,” one hotel manager told Reuters.”

There is a clear message to the hoteliers: you have to take precautions because the pandics virus is not going away,” said a hotel worker who declined to be named.

The rise in cases is being blamed on a rise of infections in people in the hospitality industry.

The number of deaths and hospitalizations due to the pandes has more than tripled in some countries, with many blaming hotel staff for their patients’ infections.

The commission said hotels and their staff had to “take measures” to ensure their staff are safe and not at increased risk, including providing proper isolation rooms for patients and staff, and ensuring they are equipped with personal protective equipment.

“The hotel sector has to do its part,” said the commission, adding that it would try to set up a national task force to coordinate the hotel sector’s response to the new coronaviral challenges.

“But we have to do it together.

We cannot just look at hotels.

We must work together.”

For the first time, the commission said, the convention would be open to all countries in the EU, with the US and Canada expected to sign up later in the year.

The US has signed up to the convention with the goal of introducing it by 2020.