How much did the Pittsburgh Penguins win last season?

When the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the New York Mets in the World Series last season, fans were shocked by the Penguins’ $3.9 million payroll.

But now, the Penguins have been paid out in full thanks to the World Cup of Hockey.

That means the team now has a little more than $6 million in payroll.

According to Spotrac, that’s about one win from making the playoffs.

That’s good news for the Penguins.

The team also has more money than they did a year ago.

They’re still just $4.2 million below their record $71 million payroll last season.

Here’s a look at the salary cap situation for all 30 NHL teams: Pittsburgh Penguins: $6.5 million (through 2022-23) Boston Bruins: $5.2 $4 million (2014-15) Anaheim Ducks: $4 $3 million (2013-14) Chicago Blackhawks: $3 $2 million (2012-13) Los Angeles Kings: $2 $1 million (2011-12) St. Louis Blues: $1 $930,000 (2010-11) Anaheim’s next-to-last year, as the team sits at $2.8 million in the hole.

Pittsburgh’s cap situation was pretty good last season: They finished second in the league with $65.3 million.

The Penguins’ biggest problem was in net, where they had $23.6 million on the books.

They are also in the middle of a rebuild.

That could be the reason the team will need to use more than the cap to address some of their needs.

The Panthers are coming off a playoff berth, and they’ll be looking to add some young talent to help them rebuild.

The Flyers have had some problems this season, as they finished outside the top five in the NHL in goals allowed.

They still have some young pieces to work with, but the team is still very much rebuilding.

The Bruins, Predators and Flyers are all in the bottom three in goal scoring and save percentage.

The Maple Leafs, who are the best team in the West, have been the worst team in net all year.

They have a lot of young talent and are in the playoff hunt, but there is still some question over whether they can stay healthy and still compete for a championship.

Boston’s salary cap is $56 million.

It’s not bad for a team that won a Stanley Cup in 2017.

Philadelphia’s cap is projected to be about $58 million this season.

There are no significant free agents coming to the team.

The Coyotes will likely use the cap space to bring in some talent.

The Stars will likely make an offer to get some help on the blueline.

New Jersey is projected at about $69 million this year, with a projected $69.6-million cap in 2022-24.

There’s a lot more money to spend, but it’s still a long way away.

If the Flyers can get a good deal for center Nolan Patrick, defenseman Nikita Zadorov, winger Nick Bonino, defenseman Erik Cole and goalie Matt Murray, they can still get in the playoffs with a good salary cap.

There could also be some teams willing to pay the team a lot less to take a chance on some of those young prospects.

Here are some other notable salary cap situations for all 29 teams: Arizona Coyotes: $51.2M ($60.9M through 2022-03) Dallas Stars: $50.9MM ($57.2MM through 2022, $60.4M through 2024) Nashville Predators: $47.6MM ($62.9K through 2022) Minnesota Wild: $45.2 Million ($63.4MM through 2024, $59.8MM through 2025) St Louis Blues : $43.6M ($64.8K through 2024-25) San Jose Sharks: $42.9 Million ($68.6K through 2020) Vancouver Canucks: $41.4 Million ($67.9 MM through 2020, $62.6 MM through 2021) Buffalo Sabres: $40.1MM ($68MM through 2020-21) Montreal Canadiens: $39.9-million ($69.4 MM through 2022), $35.8-million (2016) Winnipeg Jets: $36.8 Million ($72.6.MM through 2021), $33.2-million (.521) New Jersey Devils: $32.3MM ($74.4.MM, $55.6) Florida Panthers: $29.6 Million ($76.6), $24.8.MM ($79.4) Chicago White Sox: $26.5MM ($84.6, $43) StLouis Blues: ($25.2, $85.8), $23MM ($92.6).

Here’s how the projected cap will look for all teams: Philadelphia Flyers: $68.2K ($100MM through 2019) Arizona Coyotes $